Wednesday, April 10, 2013

田 New Windows 8 logo Taking Out The MS-DOS 田

Like most of you even I have not been able to stay away from Windows 8, mainly because every new computer you buy today comes with the new Windows 8 preinstalled.

My first encounter with Windows 8 a while back ended up with me using google to get the thing shutdown! This comes from a guy who have had 20 years of experience with different operating systems going back to the early MS-DOS..

For you're information, the shutdown buttom is now located in the settings menu!!

How the heck do you shut down your PC?  This is how you go about shutting down you're new Windows 8 computer.

1. Mouse over the little gadget in the lower right corner of the screen. (You can also move your mouse cursor to the upper left corner; same result. Or, you can press Windows-C on your keyboard.)

2. In the slide-out menu (known as the Charms Bar) that appears, click Settings.

3. Click the Power button, and then click your desired action: Sleep, Shut down, or Update and restart.

And that's it, simple and easy!! In Windows 8, it requires four actions from you to shut down your PC: hover, click, click, and click.

You can laugh and cry all you want. OK I get it, it's always been something of a joke that shutting down your PC required a click of a Start button. But this joke has turned out to be something downright out cruel, with Microsoft now going to these lenghts to hide one of the most basic computing options.

Shutting down a PC should never ever be a setting. It should never require three clicks.

Due to upload limitations the image have been scaled down to 1600 pixels

So I have now decided to take out the MS-DOS from windows 8, MS-DOS not deserve this. That is why I have now added color to the original Windows 8 Logo. This is not flower power, I'm not a hippie or something like that. I have decided to take a stand against Windows 8.

Currently with new SSD's installed I am enjoying Windows 7 on both computers, it's stable, works like it should and is nothing like Windows 8. I have even tried the new release of Zorin Linux that resembles much of Windows

  • No risk of getting viruses
  • Much faster than Windows 7
  • An easy to use and familiar desktop
  • Customizable user interface thanks to our Look Changer
  • Stable as it is based on the robust Linux operating system
  • All the software you'll ever need out of the box
  • Extremely versatile and customizable Open Source software
  • Available in over 55 languages
What really gives Zorin OS a pointer for me is the abillity to be able to play windows games like Half-Life 2 and others with the playonlinux software that comes preinstalled. Do check out the OS and if you like it you can download it for free and burn the image to a DVD where you will be able to run everything Zorin OS have to offer from the DVD.

If you have a slower DVD station, please allow time for it bootup and check that you're DVD is the first boot option in Bios. Otherwise you will only skip right into windows again.

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