Monday, September 30, 2013

田 Windows 8 Is So Easy An 8 Year Old Can't Do It 田

I remember the the PR stunt Microsoft pulled at the release of Windows 8 where a child was showing customers in a computer store how easy windows 8 was to use. Well for anyone who have actually been forced to use windows 8 for common tasks (like how to shutdown your computer) will know that this whole operating system that's soo easy to use it the complete opposite.

I would like to give my appreciation to the community of windows 8 slaves with this picture drawn by a 8 year old, I think that this art piece should speak for it self. It's not called "Windows 8", it's name is "Windows 8 Year Old".

Windows 8 by an 8 Year Old Wallpaper Art
Windows 8 Year Old Wallpaper Logo

Bellow is the PR video from late 2012

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