Saturday, February 18, 2012

田 Windows 8 logo shows Microsoft going back to 1980's MS-DOS 田

microsoft, windows 8 logo, windows 8, windows, ms-dos
Preview of the Windows 8 Logo 1280x800
It's plain, it's simple, it's monotone. The new Microsoft logo for Windows is getting some "epic" reactions from people around the globe. Yesterday we got some sneak peakes at what the windows 8 logo looks like for the first time and it's new operating system to suit. 

Many didn't feel four squares to be much of a logo but according to Microsoft's Windows team they say "it's as much an homage to the earliest, pared-down graphics of Windows 1.0 as it is a nod to the Metro UI that has become the theme of Windows Phone, Xbox Live and, soon Windows 8 itself"

I remember the old MS-DOS boxes from the earliy 1990's and late 1980's and I can definetly see the resembelence that the new windows 8 logo have to the old MS-DOS logo from back then.

Microsoft like always used an external design agency this time also to create it's new logo, the agency Pentagram behind the new logo stated "The sharp-edged icon should be seen as the first of a new language"

microsoft, windows 8 logo, windows 8, windows, ms-dos
Windows 8 Wallpaper 1280x800
Honestly I don't know what to make of that statement. I guess sharp-edges and squares is the extent of an design agency named Pentagram.

But the "innovatinons" don't stop there... "The existing flag-like shape has been flattened out and made crisp, and other Microsoft products and services will make similar "evolutions" too"..

Pentagram created various video clips of the new logo to show it in motion, the new logo is most convincing when it's in motion. Pentagram created various video clips and motion studies to show how that could work as well.

So am I exited about the fantastic new windows 8 logo? Not really, to me the flagship windows 8 have turned more into a sunken boat on the bottom of the ocean with only it's mast and windows flag sticking out of the water waving in the wind.

I say this because the matter of a fact is that Microsoft have not brought anything new to the table since the early 1990's and this old logo only brings back old memories of outdated operating systems going on sale but marketed as "new" and "innovative".

For crying out loud, it's 2012 and we are still forced by Microsoft to spend hours on end installing drivers while Linux amongst other operating systems are up and running with everyting working in a few minutes.. Sound, video, network, internet, you name it, it's all there ready to go in minutes.

Sorry it just brings back so many frustrating old memories.

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